Gujarat Barrels was conceived by end of 2011 and started its commercial production during the first half of  2012. The promoters Mr. P.G. Mohanan have  wide experience in manufacturing and marketing barrels, containers  & other allied products.

We manufacture the highest-quality stainless steel drums for businesses and government agencies with demanding containment needs. Thicker, heavier, and stronger, our stainless steel barrels typically exceed industry standards and can be certified to UN, We are an ISO  9001-2008 accredited company.

We are registered as MSME  and have NSIC Certification. Since our main customer base is pharma, we  follow  GMP norms in our manufacturing process.

The main market segments we are catering to  are pharmaceutical manufacturers ( bulk & formulations), Chemical manufacturers ( specialty chemicals & Oils),  Cosmetic & Beauty products manufacturers, Fragrance &Flavors Industry, Food Processing Industry,  caterers & decorators, etc.

Our customer base  spread all over India and abroad (South Korea, Thailand, Canada, USA, Australia, etc)